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BMW X1 Detailied and treated with 3M Germkleen Antimicrobial Interior Cleaning.. Our standard detailing process for ALL Cars Step 1: Foam Wash from the exterior including under Chassis wash, Wheel Arc & Tyres wash, Engine Cleaning & Interior Vacuuming Step 2: Thar removal by 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner Step 3: Complete Decontamination by 3M Clay Step 4: Sanding to remove minor scratches Step 5: Paint Correction by 3M rubbing compound Step 6: Application of 3M Glaze to bring back the gloss Step 7: Wax n Wipe to protect the paint after correction Step 8: Logo Restoration Step 9: Alloy wheel deep cleaning Step 10: Beautifully detailed Car ready to roll on the roads with all the glamour as good as a new car Below is our Standard process for 3M Germkleen Antimicrobial Interior Cleaning.. Foam and Scrubbing of 1. Seats 2. Seat Belts 3. Door Pad & Trims 4. DashBoard, Hand Brake and Gear Portion 5. Roof 6. Spare Wheel and Boot portion 7. Mats Cleaning and Vacuuming.. For Best Budget Detailing & 3M Germkleen Anti Microbial Interior Cleaning in Chennai, Visit Carpark.. For enquiry, inbox us or contact us @ 9962600500/8015600500..
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