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It's time for BMW 530d to get protected with Opti Coat Pro Plus 9H Ceramic Coating, the World's No.1 Ceramic Coating - @Carspark The BMW came with Torn Bumper, we fixed & painted the bumper and coated the car with Opti Coat Pro Plus.. The car is now protected with 1. 9H Hardness.. 2. No more Waxing/Polishing/Detailing. 3. High Gloss and High Resale Value 4. Super Hydro Phobic Effect 5. Clean and Maintain with Ease 6. 5 years Warranty against 7. Oxidation, UV damage and Water Marks 8. Bird droppings 9. Bug Splatter 10.Tree Sap 11.Chemical and Acids Etching Opti Glass Coat for Windshield, and All other Glasses. Opti Glass will provide Clear and Good View to drive even in the Heavy rains. Opti Lens Coating for Head Lights and Tail Lamps and it is protected against fading and Bug splatter. All the Alloys are coated with Opti Coat Pro Plus to help maintain the alloys looking new. For enquiries, kindly inbox with your vehicle details. You can also reach us 9962600500 & 8015500600.
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