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What is DNT Rat Repellent? DNT Rat Repellent is a uniquely formulated odour-based chemical repellent. It affects the mucous membranes of the rats, as a result of which rats, after a long exposure, gradually start developing fear against the smell and hence moves away from that area. DNT Rat Repellent is very effective in controlling the rat menace in cars. DNT has also been recommended by Indian Pest Control Services (IPCS). Why DNT Rat Repellent?  No killing.  No trapping.  No Poisoning  No tiring process of using sprays which take time to apply and don’t last for long.  Result oriented.  100% herbal How does it work? The rat repellent bottle is to be tied in the engine bay with the tie clip provided with it. The bottle can be tied to any wireloom. Make sure that the bottle is tied near the engine since the whole mechanism of the bottle revolves around heat. After the installation, the car needs to be started. As the engine heats up after some time, the chemical inside the repellent bottle which is initially in powder form starts to melt and takes a gel-based odour releasing form. It starts to give out vapors which then start to settle throughout the engine bay and then gradually to all other parts. Since rats develop fear towards this smell, they start to move away from the surrounding. One bottle of DNT Rat Repellent retains its purity for 6 months or 40000 km, whichever is earlier. MRP Rs. 599 each. Available at carspark chennai OMR 9962600500 / 8015500600
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