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Car Polishing Services in OMR. Car spark is the No 1 car detailing firm with automatic car washing unit in Chennai. We do Ceramic coating for cars, car polishing, car detailing, Interior and exterior detailing. We also do washing services for both cars and bikes.
Complete/Full Car painting for this 2012 Honda City. Car came with a quite few dents, scratches and panel misalignments. We did a complete dent removal using a dent remover, followed by 3M filler to level it, followed by scrubbing to smoothen the surface.. Car is painted with highly quality 2K paint & Clear in a professional paint booth with heating facility.. Car is rubbed with sanding paper followed by complete deep polishing to get back a factory like finish. Happy Customer.. For a best professional Car full body/panel painting & a Scratch/Dent free car, visit Carspark.. . For more info visit us at
OMR's 1st Automatic Car Wash at Car Spark OMR. Step into our store or call us for appointments to make your vehicle look glossy. Car Washing in OMR.
BMW 5 series undergoes extensive level of Paint Correction using 3M Rubbing Compound, 3M Glaze and finally protected with 3M Wax. Car is swirl free with high gloss and highly hydrophobic in nature with easy maintenance. The interiors are cleaned and protected with 3M Germkleen Antimicrobial Foam.. The car is fresh and dirt free from inside including seats, roof, dashboard, door pad & trims, seat belts, dashboard, and boot portions.. For Best Car Exterior & Interior Detailing in Chennai, Visit Carspark..
Old Yamaha RX135 restored to as good as New.. Polish/Detail your old bikes and cars at Carspark to remove the dullness and get the shine back.. Best Ceramic Coating and Detailing center for Cars and Bikes in Chennai..
Luxury Liquid Wrap 🚫Not Paint🚫 Apache gets a Matt black alloys. Introducing Plastidip peelable paints now in Chennai. Yes, it Peels off without Residue. Yes, it's 200+ Micron coating. Yes, it's Liquid Wrap. Yes, it stops stone chips & scratches. Yes it comes with warranty. #liquidwrap #carspark #Flaunt_till_u_like_Peel_when_u_dislike #custompaint #Protection #Apache #Alloys #Mattblack #Wheels #Cars_Bikes_custom_paint_protection #PlastidipIndia #HappyClientHappyMe #KEEP_CALM_IT_PEELS_OFF #Get_Back_ORIGINAL_Finish_Anytime.
Headlight Restoration done for a 10 years Old Scorpio. Before and After image for reference. Restore your Car's dull headlights to have a clear vision while driving.. For more info visit us at
Ford Ecosport Upgrade - Gloss Black Painted on Roof Top, Pillars , Alloys with Contrasting Red colour for Calipers and Brake Drum. For Enquiries. Contact Carspark@ 9962 600 500 or 8015 500 600. #FORD #ECOSPORT #UPGRADE #CARSPARK #MINI #COOPER #STYLE #BLACK #ALLOYS #RED #CALIPERS #PAINT #OMR #ROOF #GLOSS #PAINT #SHOLINGANALLUR
Hyundai Tucson Protected with Opti Coat Pro Plus 9H Ceramic Coating - @Carspark It also gets a Leather touch with Camel color Genuine Leather seat covers along with 3M CR70 sunfilm for all the glasses to protect from heat.. The car is protected with 1. 9H Hardness.. 2. No more Waxing/Polishing/Detailing. 3. High Gloss and High Resale Value 4. Super Hydro Phobic Effect 5. Clean and Maintain with Ease 6. 5 years Warranty against 7. Oxidation, UV damage and Water Marks 8. Bird droppings 9. Bug Splatter 10.Tree Sap 11.Chemical and Acids Etching Opti Glass Coat for Windshield, and All other Glasses. Opti Glass will provide Clear and Good View to drive even in the Heavy rains. Opti Lens Coating for Head Lights and Tail Lamps and it is protected against fading and Bug splatter. All the Alloys are coated with Opti Coat Pro Plus to help maintain the alloys looking new. For enquiries, kindly inbox with your vehicle details. You can also reach us 9962600500 & 8015600500.