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Merc undergoes Opti coat Pro 9H Ceramic Coating at Carspark.. For Best ceramic coating, contact 9962600500 or 8015500600. #Ceramic #Coating #Opticoatpro #OMR. For more info visit us at
Ford Ecosport Upgrade - Gloss Black Painted on Roof Top, Pillars , Alloys with Contrasting Red colour for Calipers and Brake Drum. For Enquiries. Contact Carspark@ 9962 600 500 or 8015 500 600. #FORD #ECOSPORT #UPGRADE #CARSPARK #MINI #COOPER #STYLE #BLACK #ALLOYS #RED #CALIPERS #PAINT #OMR #ROOF #GLOSS #PAINT #SHOLINGANALLUR
To get protection for this Scorching Summer, this 2018 Honda City gets 3M CR70 premium sun films for the windshield, 3M RE70 sunfilms for side & rear glasses.. Also, Premium 3D mats were installed along with black steering cover.. For the best quality sunfilm and professional installation and any other accessories for Cars, visit Carspark or contact @9962600500/8015600500..
Audi Q3 rejunavtes with 3M Exterior Detailing at #Carspark #OMR #Sholinganallur #3M #Detailing For details contact 9962600500 or 8015500600.. For more info visit us at
Hyundai Sonata fitted with Classic Tube type sequential DayTime Running Lights(DRL).. What's more, it also comes with 1 year warranty.. Enhance your car's look with DRLs @Carspark, Best Accessories store for all your car needs.. For enquiries, visit Carspark or inbox your query or contact us @9962600500/8015600500..
Best in Class Projectors-Platinum series 3.2" Quad Lens projectors with Angel Eye along with premium DayTime Running Lights(DRL) fitted to the red VW Polo.. The car is definitely up for a great night driving experience with the premium Bi-Xenon HID projectors.. The Projectors and DRLs can be installed on all model of cars.. Installation takes abt 6 hrs.. It comes with a 1 year warranty.. For enquiries on upgrading the lights, inbox us or contact us @8015500600 or 9962600500.. #nightvision #longdrive #carspark #accessories #hawkeye #bulbupgrade #projectors #DRL
KUV 100 was hit from the rear side damaging the rear bumper, Truck Lid, Inner Metal Frame as well as the Stepney Lining.. The Car was restored starting from the Stepney Lining, Rear Metal Frame, Trunk Lid as well as bumper.. Before and After pictures for reference.. For Enquiry on Car/Bike Complete and Panel Painting, Inbox us or contact us @ 9962600500 or 8015500600..
MAHINDRA XUV 500 Detailied and treated with 3M Germkleen Antimicrobial Interior Cleaning.. Our standard 3M detailing process for ALL Cars Step 1: Foam Wash from the exterior including under Chassis wash, Wheel Arc & Tyres wash, Engine Cleaning & Interior Vacuuming Step 2: Thar removal by 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner Step 3: Complete Decontamination by 3M Clay Step 4: Sanding to remove minor scratches Step 5: Paint Correction by 3M rubbing compound Step 6: Application of 3M Glaze to bring back the gloss Step 7: Wax n Wipe to protect the paint after correction Step 8: Logo Restoration Step 9: Alloy wheel deep cleaning Step 10: Beautifully detailed Car ready to roll on the roads with all the glamour as good as a new car Below is our Standard process for 3M Germkleen Antimicrobial Interior Cleaning.. Foam and Scrubbing of 1. Seats 2. Seat Belts 3. Door Pad & Trims 4. DashBoard, Hand Brake and Gear Portion 5. Roof 6. Spare Wheel and Boot portion 7. Mats Cleaning and Vacuuming.. For Best Budget Car Detailing & 3M Germkleen Anti Microbial Interior Cleaning services in Chennai. For Car scratch repair, car dent removal/repair, Body shop, car Painting services, car paint restoration , automatic car wash, car Interior Detailing, Carnauba Car wax, Car Interior and Exterior cleaning, Car accessories, car water wash, car spa, Express car wash, Opti Coat Pro, Ceramic car, glass coating, car coating, nano ceramic coating, nano coating, ceramic car polish, best ceramic coating, 9H coating, Visit Carpark.. For enquiry, inbox us or contact us @ 9962600500/8015600500.. View more at:
Audi Q3 rejunavtes with 3M Exterior Detailing at #Carspark #OMR #Sholinganallur #3M #Detailing For details contact 9962600500 or 8015500600.