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Paint Protection Film for Anything which is PAINTED.

Paint Protection Film can be installed on any surfaces which painted and requires protection from scratches. It could be installed on plastic or Metal surfaces which is painted. Even the unpainted surfaces which has normal contours without much up and downs can be installed with Clear and Transparent Paint Protection Film. If you think , your valuable needs to be protected. Then would recommend you to contact directly or thru whatsapp at 9962 600 500 / 8015 500 600 or by directly visiting our store CARSPARK OMR Sholinganallur Chennai.

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Bike and Scooter Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film PPF protects the Vehicle from Scratches, Stone chipping, Oxidation, Damage, Bird drops, tree saps. For Bikes, It would help to prevent the Helmet Scratches, bracelet and Bag scratches which would generally happen on the Bike Tank. Contact Carspark , OMR , Sholinganallur, Chennai at 9962 600 500 for Protecting your precious vehicle from all damages. Cost: PPF would cost depending upon amount of the Material consumed in Sq.ft basis. Garware PPF would cost Rs.550/- onwards per Sqft. Garware : Automatic self Healing property for Small to Medium scratches. Excellent Optical Clarity and High Gloss with Non Yellowing properties. Excellent water repellent property and Durability. Hydrophobic and Stain Resistance Anti yellowing. Excellent solvent resistance. Resistance to Bird Dropping. Provides Protection Against Stone chipping , rocks, salt, insect and other road debris. Specifications: PET Protection Film : 2 Mil Self Healing Coating : 0.78 Mil Applications: Bike Tank, Mud Guards, and Side body sections, and for Cars, Full Body Wrap, Hoods, Bumpers, Quarter Panels, Painted Side Mirrors, Side Handle Cavity, Door Edges, Leading Hood Edges, Wheel Arches, Rocker Panel.

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